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Our Range of Reports

At OT MedicoLegal, we believe that Nancy Stephenson’s 30 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist is our most valuable asset in the assessment and production of our medico legal reports. We recognize that the conditions we are called upon to report on range in severity and complexity, as does the time and resources used to assess the client and complete the report. Therefore, we have developed a new reporting structure to reflect the complexity of the opinions and/or services required.

Standard Medico Legal Report

Our standard medico legal report is our most commonly requested report. It is a snapshot of the impact of an injury or illness on the individual. It entails a 1-2 hour assessment and includes a functional capacity assessment, assessment of care and equipment needs and assessment of current and future work capacity.

Complex Report

The complex medico legal report is a reflection of the greater complexity of the case. For example, the individual may be more severely injured, have multiple injuries and/or have increased care and equipment needs. Nancy may need to conduct specific testing, undertake additional research, do basic vocational assessment/research or answer more detailed questions relating to future work capacity.

Catastrophic Report

The catastrophically injured person has extremely complex needs, which require more thorough and detailed assessment. These assessments invariably take quite a long time from start to finish and may involve one or more home visits, consultation with carers, significant equipment research and costing of equipment, design of care plans and specific testing.

Total and Permanent Disability Report

A functional assessment is a crucial part of a TPD assessment as it allows the therapist to form an accurate opinion on future work capacity. Desk-top based vocational assessments are often used for this purpose, but are limited by lack of understanding of the person’s actual functional abilities, pain and presentation. Our reports target identified jobs and comment on the suitability of these in relation to function, skills, experience and training.

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