OTML assessments and reports are treated with the strictest of confidentiality and data protection systems, and we employ proven quality assurance protocols to meet both client and customer expectations.

Standard Medico Legal Report

Our standard medico legal report is our most commonly requested report. It is a snapshot of the impact of an injury or illness on the individual. It entails a 1-2 hour assessment and includes a functional capacity assessment, assessment of care and equipment needs and assessment of current and future work capacity.

Complex Report

The complex medico legal report is a reflection of the greater complexity of the case. For example, the individual may be more severely injured, have multiple injuries and/or have increased care and equipment needs. OTML therapists may need to conduct specific testing, undertake additional research, do basic vocational assessment/research or answer more detailed questions relating to future work capacity.

Catastrophic Report

The catastrophically injured person has extremely complex needs, which require more thorough and detailed assessment. These assessments invariably take quite a long time from start to finish and may involve one or more home visits, consultation with carers, significant equipment research and costing of equipment, design of care plans and specific testing.

Total and Permanent Disability Report

A functional assessment is a crucial part of a TPD assessment as it allows the therapist to form an accurate opinion on future work capacity. Desk-top based vocational assessments are often used for this purpose, but are limited by lack of understanding of the person’s actual functional abilities, pain and presentation. Our reports target identified jobs and comment on the suitability of these in relation to function, skills, experience and training.

More than just a report

Easy to read and understand past and future care tables

Occupational therapists are skilled in assessment of function, independent living skills and care requirements. At OTML, we have a database of commercial care fees from various agencies throughout the state, which our researchers update annually.

Recommendations regarding appropriate adaptive equipment

Recommendations for adaptive equipment are made based on the client’s functional limitations and needs. We have an extensive data base of aids and equipment for home and work, which is updated regularly by our researchers.

Professional opinion on future work capacity

OTML reports can assess and prescribe suitable duties for return to work and injury management. Our therapists have decades of individual experience across a wide range of workplaces, so OTML has an extensive working knowledge of contemporary work practices for a wide range of jobs. Using the information obtained from a functional capacity assessment, medical opinion, research and worksite experience, we are able to provide an expert opinion about whether the client will be able to return to work in their pre-injury occupation or will need to consider other options. OTML can also conduct research on future earning capacity based on available job data and other information, and make recommendations for future employment including re-training.

Recommendations for future treatment

OTML therapists are experienced in case management of injured workers and in recommending appropriate treatment options for maximum gains, in line with current medical opinion. We contact the providers recommended to provide an accurate costing of treatment services in the client’s local area.

Home and workplace visits

OTML can coordinate home and workplace visits to thoroughly assess and report on both personal and professional environmental factors.

Competitive pricing

Our reports are reasonably priced and have proven to be a valuable, cost effective tool in the assessment of damages.