OT medicolegal

Independent medical assessments

Occupational therapists (OT) are trained to view each person holistically. This means an OT will consider the impact of injury or illness on all aspects of a person’s life – home, work, leisure and psycho-social. Our independent medical assessments (IMA) take approximately 1-2 hours – longer in more complex cases. Assessments consist of interviews, observations, functional assessments and the application of a range of proven indices and protocols.

Expert witnesses

Our occupation therapists are experienced expert witnesses and have undergone litigation witness training. We prepare meticulously for court appearances so that we can withstand rigorous cross-examination. From past and future care to appropriate adaptive equipment; future treatment to future work capacity – OTML have the experience and capabilities to provide evidence based expert opinions that support better case outcomes.

Functional Cognitive Assessments

CBS Health is a leading online brain health assessment tool used by healthcare practitioners worldwide. The assessment can accurately measure the 12 core elements of your client’s cognitive function, including memory, attention, reasoning, and verbal abilities, after an injury. The tool allows you to measure baseline cognitive capacity and produce a reliable and scientifically valid assessment report that can be used to strengthen a personal injury claim.

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OTML understands that the conditions we are called upon to assess and report on range in severity and complexity, as does the time and resources used to assess each client and complete the report. That’s why we have developed a reporting structure to reflect the complexity of the opinions and/or services required. Every effort is made to complete reports within 15 working days of assessment and we can accommodate emergency assessments and urgent timeframes where appropriate.

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Deferred funding

We understand the challenges of operating a legal practice, especially the resources needed for complex matters like those our customers take on. Our deferred funding model delivers immediate cashflow relief and allows firms to redeploy working capital into new growth opportunities. Importantly, funding covers not only OTML therapists and their expert allied health opinions, but all disbursements that assist in you managing a successful personal injury case.

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