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Following commencement of litigation proceedings after an illness or injury, the unbiased opinion of an experienced Occupational Therapist is extremely beneficial in assisting the court to determine the impact of the illness or injury on a person’s life including the impact on their home, work and leisure activities.

At OT MedicoLegal we specialise in identifying a person’s needs relevant to their compensation following an illness or injury. This process may take up to three (3) hours to complete and involves a thorough assessment in our office or in the person’s home if they are unable to travel.

Nancy Stephenson is a highly experienced expert witnesses and her reports are usually completed within five (5) working days. The medico legal report provides expert advice on quantum issues in areas of employability, pain and suffering, loss of lifestyle, rehabilitation needs and gratuitous care. It also provides recommendations and costings for adaptive equipment, treatment and retraining for return to work purposes.

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